Child custody matters are one of the most difficult and emotional parts of a separation or divorce. Working with a family law attorney is a must if you find yourself in this situation. When you’re hiring a lawyer, you’ll want to be aware of the five types of child custody options that may be available to you. Here’s an overview from child custody atttorney Donald H. Barton.

  1. Legal custody: This type of custody allows both parents to make legal decisions for their child. As you go through the process of divorce or legal separation, the courts will work with you and the child’s other parent to determine what is best.
  2. Physical custody: When the court determines physical custody, they are deciding where the child or children will live until they’re capable adults.
  3. Sole custody: Sole custody is where one parent has total legal and physical custody of the child. This means that the child lives with this parent alone. The parent with custody is also entitled to make legal decisions for the child. While the other parent may be granted certain visitation rights, they will not have any legal authority over any decisions involving their children.
  4. Joint physical custody: Joint physical custody allows the child to divide their time between both parents. Schedules will be established with the help of the courts and the attorneys.
  5. Joint legal custody: Joint legal custody means that both parents have a say in any legal decisions involving their child. If a larger legal disputes involving the child arises, the matter will usually be handled in court.

When you need a family law attorney to help with child custody issues, call Donald H. Barton. Our law firm serves people in Brevard, Transylvania County, and surrounding areas of Western North Carolina. Talk to us and see how we can help you and your children.

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