The holidays are a special time, especially for young children. But this time of year can be very stressful – even painful – for divorced families. Donald H. Barton is a family lawyer who has worked with many clients to make the holidays less difficult for everyone, especially as it relates to child custody. Today, we’d like to share some advice that may help your family. Here are some things you can do to make this time of year better for your children if you have a child custody agreement.

  1. Review the custody agreement – First, we recommend that you revisit your custody arrangement before the holidays. Take time to meet with your family lawyer to look over the agreement and the plans that are laid out in it. It never hurts to be reminded of your visitation schedule in advance of the holidays. For instance, if the agreement only allows one partner sole custody on a particular occasion, you may have to return to court to discuss the arrangement if you want to make changes. Knowing what your agreement says will always help you and the other parent reach a more civil solution.
  2. Decide which holidays are special for you – Every year brings with it a wide variety of holidays. With this in mind, picking and choosing holiday visits will be easier on everyone if you pre-determine which ones hold the most meaning for you. For instance, some may choose to have the children over the Easter weekend instead of at Christmas, or vice versa.
  3. Find a compromise – Finding the middle ground with your child’s other parent is very important all year, but especially during the holidays. Custody battles can take a real toll on children. If at all possible, try to reach a compromise this holiday season well in advance of the dates in question. This can help everyone enjoy the holidays more.

If you need to meet with a family lawyer to discuss child custody issues before the holidays, call the office of Donald H. Barton. Our family lawyer will help you find a solution so you and your children can truly enjoy the happiness of the season.

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