Now that summer has come to an end, parents are helping their children start the new school year off right. But that task is a little tougher for couples that share custody. How can you make thing easier for your child while still maintaining your rights and the terms of your child custody agreement? Family lawyer Donald H. Barton believes that your children’s well-being comes first. Here are three tips for child custody during the back-to-school transition.

  1. Create a parental agreement – If custody of your child has been decided by the courts, then you and the other parent should already have a parenting agreement. This agreement should include a rundown of where your child will be on school nights and weekends. It may also include specifics regarding homework and extracurricular activities. Once you have a plan in place, try not to make changes unless something is just not working. If you do need to make updates to the plan, consult a family law attorney. They’ll help you develop a clear, simple agreement that can easily become routine for your child.
  2. Have a school plan ready – It’s also helpful to have a back-to-school plan that’s separate from the parental agreement. This plan should focus on the academic calendar. For instance, where will your child be on days off from school for teacher conferences and holidays? Planning the school year out in advance will make things less stressful for your children. Your lawyer can also help you determine what information needs to be shared with your child’s school and teachers.
  3. Make necessary visitation adjustments – Finally, try to allow some room for adjustment to your visitation schedule. This is important because your child’s school activities can affect the agreement. If your child has band practice, club meetings, or games, allow for changes.

Do you need to speak with a family lawyer in Brevard, NC about your custody rights or visitation agreement? Contact Donald H. Barton for a consultation today.

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