Civil cases differ from criminal ones, as they involve legal disagreements between two or more parties. In general, civil lawsuits, result in monetary settlements or having certain restrictions imposed against the guilty party. This is in stark contrast to criminal cases, where a guilty verdict can lead to jail time. There are many different types of civil cases that you should be aware of. Civil litigation attorney Donald H. Barton wants you to know about several different types of cases we handle:

Divorce and Family Law Cases

Family law matters (including divorce, legal separation, child custody, and adoption) qualify for civil litigation. A court proceeding is often needed in order to handle these cases.

Landlord and Tenant Cases

Disputes that arise between a landlord and tenant are also considered civil litigation. Judges will often handle disputes involving lease agreement violations or tenant service disagreements.

Real Property Dispute Cases

Disputes involving property, such as a disagreement over a property line or property ownership, are considered civil cases. However, these cases could result in more than monetary compensation. For example, a judge could place restrictions against an individual who was found guilty of trespassing.

Contract Cases

When one person breaches a legal contract they’ve signed, the other party can file a lawsuit in civil court. The plaintiff could obtain a monetary settlement from the defendant. In some instances, a plaintiff may get the court to require that the defendant act according to the contract’s terms. This is referred to as specific performance.

Personal Injury and Tort Cases

If you’ve been harmed due to the negligence of another person, you’re entitled to file a lawsuit against the offender in order to receive just compensation. Common examples of these types of cases include slip-and-fall accidents, auto accidents, and defective product injuries.

To get the best outcome in a civil court case, it’s recommended that you hire a civil litigation lawyer. Donald H. Barton serves people in Brevard, Transylvania County, and surrounding areas of Western North Carolina.

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