Being charged with a crime can turn your whole world upside down. If you know that your charge will result in a criminal case and not a civil one, you’ll need to start researching the different types of criminal cases. Your criminal attorney will help you understand how your case will be handled so a successful legal strategy can be built. To help you, Brevard, NC attorney Donald H. Barton has a general overview about some of the different types of criminal cases:

Personal Crimes

When one person physically or mentally harms another individual, they can be charged with a personal crime. Offenses that can fall under this category of include assault, battery, kidnapping, false imprisonment, homicide, rape, and other sexual offenses.

Property Crimes

Property crimes usually occur when one individual interferes with another person’s property rights, but they don’t necessarily involve harm to someone else. These offenses include embezzlement, forgery, receipt of stolen goods, larceny, burglary, and arson. Robbery can be considered a property crime as well as a personal crime. This is because this crime can involve physical or mental harm, depending on the circumstances.

Inchoate Crimes

Inchoate crimes are those that were started but not completed. Offenses that fall under this category include conspiracy, solicitation, and attempt (for example, attempted robbery).

Statutory Crimes

Statutory offenses involve a personal or property crime at either the state or federal level. For example, getting charged with selling alcohol to a minor or driving under the influence would be considered a statutory crime.

If you’ve been charged with a crime, Donald H. Barton can help you with your case. As a criminal attorney in Brevard, NC, he can provide you with guidance and advice throughout the legal process. Let us help you get the best possible outcome for your case.¬†Contact our attorneys near you¬†today.

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