If you have a legal case that involves personal injury law, wrongful death, criminal law, and family law, you want the right team on your side. Brevard, NC attorney Donald H. Barton has over 40 years of experience in these areas of practice.

Mr. Barton is a member of the North Carolina Bar Association and the American Bar Association. Throughout his career, he’s worked to provide the legal services needed by people in Western North Carolina. Mr. Barton’s many clients in Transylvania County, Polk County, and Henderson County will attest to his professionalism on the job and his dedication to fighting for justice in our state and local court system.

Why does experience matter? The more cases a lawyer has handled, the more they’ve seen and heard. They better know how to handle the details of your particular case. They also know how to deal with the many circumstances that may arise during the legal process. Additionally, they know the judges and other lawyers that may be involved. If you’re involved in a court case, these things matter.

Donald H. Barton Law is currently accepting new clients in all areas of our practice. Get in touch with us if you need a Brevard, NC attorney for cases involving criminal defense, family law, personal injury, or wrongful death. We’ll provide compassionate representation that works for your best interests.

We also provide counsel for other matters of general law. Traffic tickets, real estate law, civil litigation, and general litigation are just a few of the areas our law firm covers. If you’re facing any type of legal charge, contact our office for a consultation.

Experience matters. Call Donald H. Barton Law today. Our staff is standing by to help you with your case. Let us serve you and your family with all your legal needs.

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